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Homeless person: FEMA Above Potus

21 May 2020

10 Questions to consider!

1.Why is the 5G system still being set up all over the world?
2.Why still chemtrails in the air ?
3.Why no one talks about Jews, they always wanted to
rule the world?
4.Why Qanon and the President speak in codes but all the Bankers and Politicians know what's going on?
5.Is it all an illusion that we simply see what they want us to see?
6.Ivanka Trump: America's most Powerful Jewish Woman ?
7.Why Bill Gates is not in jail?
8.The economy will start slowly but the rules are here, the drones are here (distance between children, masks ...)?
9.Trumps Lawyer Says we have no Right to Refuse FORCED VACCINATION?
10.Is this freedom? :)

Homeless Man Exposes The Government!!!
He spoke Truthfully about the systems and how it works; Democracy + Capitalism, without Socialism is Fascism, no question. If the other statements he made are true, then there really isn't much of anything we can do about it other than what we are doing. Never stop fighting the good fight of the right to be free and as for the rest, it's been going on for SO long it's like it doesn't exist. We know we can affect the system and we will continue to do so, but never, ever loose or give up on our decency and respect for one another! Peace ✌✌

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