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Hidden Anomalies of Antarctica - Massive Structures, Pyramids and Lost Civilizations

Beyond THEIR Truth
Beyond THEIR Truth
08 Oct 2019

Antarctica is one of the world’s largest mysteries. The miles and miles of ice hold secrets and wonders beneath their frigid depths, captivating author Brad Olsen and similar minds for decades. Now, as the effects of global warming take hold, we are witnessing an unprecedented time of discovery and revelation on the Antarctic front. Join Brad as he explores the possibilities of massive structures, pyramids in the Shackleton Range, and other megalithic architecture under the thick crystalline shrouds. Could Antarctica be the remnants of the lost continent of Atlantis? Is there evidence of ancient humans or interstellar explorers locked in the frosty terra firma? Brad explores these and other theories during his lecture, the Hidden Anomalies of Antarctica.

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