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Hey Brother: Police Tribute -- The Thin Blue Line | OdysseyAuthor

15 Aug 2019

From the day you joined the police academy, your brothers and sisters were there for you through the stress of the physical and mental activities. As you're patrolling your city streets, arresting a felon, or training for a terrorist attack, they're still there by your side. And they will rush to your aid at moment's notice when you ask for assistance in an emergency situation.

You know these people. Some would call them pigs, or something worse. But you know their intentions. You know the majority of the people in your profession are amazing human beings, who choose this courageous line of work, only to be threatened by some ungrateful people who don't know a thing they're talking about. Most people work with their coworkers, but you are blessed enough to work with your family. Through adversity, you grow stronger together.

Keep growing stronger, Brothers and Sisters! America's got your 6!


The song is Hey Brother by Avicii.


***I take no credit for any of the video clips, audio, or music in this video. I only edited the video. All rights reserved to the original owners.***

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