14 Feb 2020

Music video for the Guy Pearce’s debut single, “Storm”, directed by Melbourne-based filmmaker Michael Shanks (LateNite Films). “The clip is a rather literal interpretation of the Storm motif,” says Shanks. “From gale force winds to lurid multi-coloured lightning, it follows Guy on a private exodus; traversing a swelling storm of surreal destruction.”

Says Guy, “After meeting Michael Shanks in 2013 and seeing the videos he’d directed for his own songs, “Towards The Sun” and “On The Borderline” (under the moniker, Roadgeek), I knew he’d bring a fascinating perspective to my songs visually. After many discussions, we decided ‘Storm’ would be a good place to start. Michael’s use of visual effects is highly compelling and just what I wanted to magnify the melodrama of the song’s core theme. He’s a natural filmmaker with a unique style. The shoot was quite the task, particularly as we built the set ourselves, but we got it all done in a day, thanks to our hardworking production designers, Rennie and Elissa and all the crew. I love this clip!”

Producer Nicholas Colla says, “The clip came about after a discussion between Michael (director) and Guy whilst over in Cannes for The Rover. With only a small window to be able to shoot before Guy had to head back off to the states for a film commitment, the production team in Melbourne had seven days to throw the clip together. It was all hands on deck with Guy helping build the set with our Production Designers Rennie Watson and Elissa Hullah. The most difficult thing about the clip was working out (in a very short space of time) how to create all of the elements of a storm inside a studio. It was a long and epic task but the production crew and Guy were amazing in all pitching in to get the clip over the line.”

CREDITS (Full list here: )

- PERFORMER - Guy Pearce
- DIRECTOR - Michael Shanks
- PRODUCER - Nicholas Colla
- CO-PRODUCER - Lucy Hayes
- POST PRODUCER - Chris Hocking
- 1ST AD - Daniel Daperis
- PRODUCTION DESIGN - Rennie Watson & Elissa Hullah
- WARDROBE & MAKE-UP - Gursel Ali
- DOP - Ed Goldner
- PHANTOM OPERATOR - James MacGregor

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