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GOOD MORNING MUSIC 528Hz ➤ Positive Morning Thoughts - Positive Thinking - Morning Meditation Music

17 Feb 2020

Start your day with positive energy | 528Hz Good morning music soothing Healing Meditation Music | Wake up with positive energy! Early morning music - Enjoy your beautiful day.

528HZ, the Love Frequency, often described as the "miracle" note of the original Solfeggio scale, was used by ancient healers in times past. It connects your whole body, your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven throughout the universe.

528Hz is fundamental to the ancient phi, pi, and golden mean ratios, and is widely evident throughout natural design. Research has shown 528Hz's ability to increase DNA's absorption of UV light after one hour of exposure. This session incorporates the pure

528Hz tone overlaid with an ambient sound texture to assist in assimilation.


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Listening to peaceful meditation, sleep, relaxation music helps us let go of stress. It can balance the mind and body energetically. Everything is vibration, and science has begun to acknowledge the amazing benefits of sound/vibration/frequency. Combined with natural scenery it works in harmony. Use our music to heal, relax, grow personally and spiritually. You are worthy.

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Eternal love,
Nature Healing & Society

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