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Published on 18 Feb 2021 / In Music

⁣Enjoy The Show.

Lyrics Below:

We just want all y'all awake
Some dead asleep at the wake
The Show picture perfect first take
[Closed Caption] from Q cause its fate

We all got friends still asleep
Haven't talked - won't make a peep
White flags - waving peace
Love em all back to a piece
Waking up - It ain't ease
More You Know - Ain't a breeze
Give em space but be in reach
They gotta know
But don't ever preach
This and that
From your horse
High Above
But of course
Pick em up and ride the course
Just let em bLoom but be the florist
That's support - not askin for it
Waking up's a trip - you can't travel for it
Like in basket ball with no passport
Let em pass the ball
Cause that's important


It's the time we Great Awake
He's comin back for Heavens sake
But he never leaves - just use the rake
If Q believes let's cue the faith
We the news - our anchors stay
Cause a main stream can't make a wave
They got no views - they're D.O.A
I was at the funeral
But the Viewing fake

Dems Don't CALL

To all you lefties that thinkin we're Nazis
Where are they at?
No paparazzi?
Give it a rest
Or drink the coffee
I speak Italian like Liberace
Guess I'm a racist too
I'll take a label that sounds like a fable
For 500, Alex
I don't mean the malice
For having the prowess
To not make it 2
We gonna learn from The Show
We all got more than we know
Get current like a salmon flow
Don't Jeopardize this game show
Trump lion but he got a mane, though
And the lion got em circled like [O]
[X] them like in Tic Tac Toe
Get his back where the back pack go


Hear the pitter patter from the chitter chatter
Cook running rats with a bitter batter
Batters Box - Q's the master
Trumps the Maestro
This a light flow - feather weight
Like I [box] to write tho
Ink the pen
Write hooks so lethal
Float like bumble
Rap royal rumble
Punchlines to your head

All for 1
And QNE for all
Just like autumn I bet they fall
It's treason season - the tree is tall
That's the reason we make the CALL
What branch to shake
What leaf will break
Then God will rake and take them all
The Great Awake - no Sleeping Beauty
We all a 'shoo-in' at the ball

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