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GEORGE SORO'S! St. Paul Mayor: Everyone Arrested Last Night In His City From Out Of State

Uneek Beebe
Uneek Beebe
31 May 2020

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter III addresses the state (9:11). WCCO 4 News - May 30, 2020

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theTrayne 23 days ago

good one! Glad this guy spoke up. THE RIOTS ARE BULLSHIT, they have nothing to do with the floyd psy op lie. The protesters are an ARMY of the NWO bent on destroying AMERICA. WE, as Americans, should ALL turn on the protesters. WHAT WE REALLY SHOULD BE PROTESTING IS THE U.N. AND THE CONTACT TRACING SCHEME TO KILL YOU ALL. THIS floyd psy op is just a distraction to roll out contavt tracing where everyone is placed under observation till exterminated. DONT FALL FOR IT. The TRUTH is, sadly to say, that you are much more likely to be killed or abused by police if you are NOT BLACK (or brown, which means OBVIOUSLY part white or European descent). I f you are not black..... There is NO public outcry, no charges usually, and most of the time no investigation. There are no groups like blm or naacp or aclu to help you. THE MEDIA WILL NOT REPORT IT PAST LOCALLY, if at all. Thats the FACTS. Get over it and act like AMERICANS will ya? THE ONLY REASON RACISM EXISTS IN AMERICA IS THE MEDIA AND THESE RACIST GROUPS THAT HAVE TO KEEP THE DIVISION ALIVE TO EXIST.

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