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FrankenFoot Unveils the CLOUD Act, SESTA and President Trump's Utter Genius

16 Feb 2020

Special thanks to Dr. Ted Broer of and Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show!

It looked as if President Donald John Trump had finally capitulated under the weight of the massive DEEP STATE, the RINOs, and the communist LEFT, when he first complained of, then signed, the Omnibus Bill -

Do you really think that he decided to forgo a life of leisure to be badgered daily by mouth breathing lunatics?!?

Absolutely NOT.

I'm calling this a masterful #CHECKMATE, as he is using their own methods against them.

$500,000,000.00 to Planned Parenthood?!? Well, that's what it SAYS...but he is NOT BOUND by that bill.

He also passed the CLOUD Act, which, on its face, doesn't sound so savory...but as you read the following adjoined act, SESTA, you'll see that our 45th President is absolutely serious in regards to the ERADICATION OF CHILD TRAFFICKING AND am I.

Remember to use the hashtag #CANST to locate my Twitter feed and to alert others to possible events.

Also use #ZCMAME - I meant to say this out loud, but here it is:

I am NOT a RACIST; but I am a BIGOT.


I am also aware that there are those masquerading as Jews in order to shield themselves from criticism; unfortunately, I am well-versed in #SEMANTICS and in #MISDIRECTION, so those tricks won't work on me.

I KNOW that none of my friends in high school are now sacrificing children to get their ADRENOCHROME FIX; on that point, shouldn't THAT BE ILLEGAL?!?

As far as I know, one must commit MURDER to assuage that fix, so this cannot possibly be classified as a VICTIMLESS CRIME. this is a FREE COUNTRY, you're fully welcome to level the charge of ANTISEMITE; just know that I know that it's UTTERLY BASELESS.

And please...give up on the GUN GRABBING!!! WE THE PEOPLE are NEVER GIVING UP OUR GUNS!

If you wish to debate me on that subject (or others), write to me at

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