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FOX iHEART Concert gives a voice to left wing 'stars" who despise God's commandments

30 Mar 2020

BREAKING: CORONA VIRUS- COVID 19 CHINESE virus is a curse - and yes we all need to contribute funds and labor to our medical system front-line warriors. My daughter is a physician seeing 70 patents a day on the from lines risking her life in Huntsville & Mobile Ala. . Its just that these left wing artists are not the channel we need to accomplish this. GIVE LOCALLY. Support your President and the CDC and Corona Virus task force. But in the final analysis only the heavenly Father can deliver us from certain judgments to come upon the earth. Jesus said we would be living in the days of Noah when He returned, Would He even find people of TRUE faith and obedience he asked. Shame on FOX News for aggressively promoting left wing Trump hating, occultist artists who are a enemy to the unborn, traditional family values, (marriage as solely between a man & a woman). faith in the Christ of scriptures - Trump haters like Elton John, Alicia Keys, etc. who exalt themselves and not the one true GOD - the living HOLY God of Abraham Isaac & Jacob -who alone can deliver us and the nations from this end times plague. Only through prayer and REPENTANCE 2 Chronicles 7:14 can this Hellish virus be swayed - even when it is - if we as a nation and the world do not repent of conveniently murdering the unborn, promoting gay marriage and LBGTQ Sodomite values- telling our children in public schools that it is wrong and illegal fro them to pray or read their bible but OK to cut off their sex organs and to try and be the other sex etc. GOD ALMIGHTY have mercy on our spiritually and morally SICK nation Joel 2:15FOX has become an angel of light - a pretender to the heights of conservative values while pushing hard the LBGTQ agenda.The USA has spread these horrible anti-biblical values to the whole world and so Hell is now in open season to attack our once great nation with wars, natural disasters and pestilences. We give here a mini concert featuring the type of music that this hurting nation truly needs. FOX should have featured artists who love the Lord with more than lip service - whose art and songs might bring healing, repentance and salvation to our weary nation. But the false shepherds and fake prophets reign. There is a famine in our land for the Word of the Lord - We need to give platforms to true artists who convey the love of God and HIS supernatural healing presence & righteousness - who lead us with hymns and songs of hope love and healing. But NO. Even in the midst of this PANDEMIC where so many are sick and dying - they offer a strange mixture of vanity, adulterers, sodomites and baby killers who now (out of vain fear for themselves) flatter us with their patry strange offering of fake religiosity and pity - I will give to local health professionals locally and not support this "charity" concert with a single view. These people are responsible for spreading idolatry and evil across the planet with their gifts- FOX is only drawing more judgments in our fair land. May the Lord have mercy on us allProverbs 22:3 Zephaniah 2:1-3 -InspoNews: We tell you the truth. We tell you like it is. Federico CardellaSUPPORT INSPONEWS:Patreon PayPal To MAIL a donation please make Check payable to: InspoNews # 183 2575 S HWY 1792Casselberry Fl. 32707InspoNews Office Tel: 1-407-961-9480Subscribe to our channel and don't forget to RING THE BELLGod's blessings & liberty to all.Federico Cardella"TO RESIST TYRANNY IS TO OBEY GOD"fc

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