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Five Ways to Defeat the Marxist Purge with Brooks Agnew on America Free Radio 17-Jan, 2021

Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics

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Come what may, never give up the fight for truth and liberty! But choose your battles, and your allies, very carefully. One thing you need to accept tonight is that we patriots are about to transition to the new reality of being an American version of the French Resistance under the Nazis. We are going to embrace the greater individual and tribal autonomy, and the greater moral authority and exigency that history offers us. It won’t be easy. Your life, as you knew it before Obama, is over for at least a generation. There is no path to success anymore. There is only a path to survival and preparation of the coming generations to fight for freedom, where we were too timid to do so. Don’t feel badly. The French surrendered almost as quickly and easily as we just did.

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