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Expert Panel — Vaccines, Detox & Living Your Dream Life (MIRRORED)

14 May 2020


In our society, someone who is considered an expert in the medical field is someone who has studied books, literature or quantitative studies to understand the human body.This individual gains it's understandings through thought, analysis and intellectualisation. All their knowledge is based purely within their mind and mental understanding.Thankfully we are starting to shift out of this era, as we slowly make our way back to the origin of all knowledge.This is what you can call, experiential embodied wisdom. One who understand their body and their reality based upon their direct experience.This is true wisdom, and supersedes mental logic by a long shot. Anyone who has been unwell and has started to heal their body knows this to be true.—I once gambled my life and put my authority in the doctors hands. If I had taken their advice, I'm sure i'd nearly be dead by now. Riddled with illness, body falling apart and a dark and heavy brain fog clouding my every thought. I was desperate and was ready to take whatever drugs they would give me to make it all go away.Thankfully my Higher Self shook the living daylight out of me and I realised the path of medicine is a dead end road, that would never restore my physical and mental vitality.This is when I started to discover the path of cleansing the body and mind to restore my true, natural and innate radiance. Shedding the layers of what does not belong to reveal what I already am.In this video 5 women who have each faced the throws of severe chronic illness come together and share their stories.Enjoy!______________________________________________

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