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EPIC ROCK | ''Get Up'' by All Good Things (Extreme Music)

08 Feb 2020

XSeries Music / Extreme Music
Name: Get Up
Album: Battle Rock 2
Composer: Murphy/Bojanic/Emanuel/Hooper/Cooke/Armstrong
Band: All Good Things
Instruments: Electric Guitar, Male Vocal, Distorted
Publisher: The Extreme Music Library Ltd (PRS)



Are you ready for the stand
Blood on the ground
And mud on your hands
Take another breath
Make another try
You think you're gonna break
You think you're gonna die

Get off the dirt
Listen to the crowd
Screamin' your name
Screamin' it loud
I know you think you can't
I know you think you're done
But we can't stop
Until we've won

You're not alone
We're not afraid
This is our moment it won't come again

So lean on me and find your feet
We will not accept defeat

Get up
When your body's screaming out
Get up
And your hope is fading now
Get up
And the light is dimming down
Get up
And your strength is waning

Raise your eyes
Tell your mind
To lift yourself
One more time

Get up
Get up
Get up

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