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EPIC NEW Trump Christmas Song - 12 Days of a Trump Christmas - By Dana Kamide

Published on 26 Dec 2019 / In Music

(All Lyrics Below) Time to set the record straight on President Trump's many accomplishments since taking office! This video says it all in a very festive & fun Christmas Spirit! Lots of humor, a little drama, but always the TRUTH! Featuring "Carol the Trump Bells" with "9 Nifty Nicknames", 12 Days of Trump Christmas, Special guests by all our favorite characters, and of course, Mr. President himself, Donald J. Trump is the star! Enjoy!, Subscribe, Share! I own the copyrights of this production. See my other Trump Christmas Parodies: Most Wonderful Time all this year 2.0: https://youtu.be/5nXhCGkPPlM ©2019 Envision Music Inc/Dana Kamide


1. On the first day of Christmas THE PRESIDENT gave to me,
• A cease-fire in Syria and Turkey

2. On the second day of Christmas THE PRESIDENT gave to me,
• Brought troops home from the Middle East

3. On the third day of Christmas THE PRESIDENT gave to me
• Three awesome years in office
• Keeping Every Promise
• And In Jerusalem the U.S. Embassy

4. But On the fourth day of Christmas THE DEMOCRATS gave to me:

• Four Failing Flops (the squad)
• Three Sex offenders still in office
• Too Many false accusers
• And a phony Impeachment inquiry

5. Then On the fifth day of Christmas THE PRESIDENT gave to me:

• FIVE Olympic Rings
• Four more years in office
• Three percent growth in income
• Too few tweets for my taste
• And the Lowest unemployment in history

6. On the sixth day of Christmas THE PRESIDENT gave to me:

• Six + million new jobs
• Five GOLDEN Twitter ZINGS
• Four Fake News stations Failing
• 3.9 GDP
•  A second chance for felons
• Took out the leader of ISIS: Al-Baghdadi

7. On the seventh day of Christmas THE President gave to me:

• 77 Million Acres offered - for lease for oil and gas drilling, the largest ever…
• Six so-called “scientists” sneering
• Five fired fibbers
• Four Fake News stations Failing
• Three Years Thriving
• Two Terms of Trump
• and US Exports greatly increased

8. On the Eighth day of Christmas THE President gave to me:

• Likely Eight Full Years in Office
• Seven CNN Slanderers
• 6,000 Mexican national guard troops deployed
• Five Golden Stings (you’re fake news clips)
• Four Seats Flipped
• Three Wrenched Hens
• Two Terrific Tag lines
• And a steadily climbing economy

9. On the Ninth day of Christmas THE President gave to me:

• Nine Nifty Nicknames:

- Little Shifty-Schiff, Pencil-Neck Schiff
- Nervous High-Tax Nancy, High-Crimes-City Nancy
- Now the Pressure’s on, With this impeachment Con
- Sleepy-Creepy Joe, Quid-Pro-Joe
- In Women’s ears he’ll Blow, Not endorsed by “O”
- Sneaky, Leaky Dianne Feinstein, Fake victims she will find in time
- Pocahontas is here to haunt us to force Socialism upon us
- Lying, Slime-Ball, Shady Shady Comey
- Shady Shady Shady Shady Comey
- Crazy Commie-Bernie - Not a possibility
- High-Tax, Head-Clown Schumer - Lying, Cryin Loser
- And lets not forget… The one we can bet… Jumped for joy with Epstein’s death
- Crooked Hillary!

- Formed the US SPACE FORCE
- USMCA deal
- Withdrew from NAFTA
- Exposed the Left’s Long CORRUPT history

10. On the Tenth day of Christmas THE President gave to me:

• Ten thousand new factories
• No Collusion or Obstruction
• NO QUID PRO QUO or corruption
• Not with Ukraine or the Russians
• A border WALL under construction
• Withdrew from bad Iran deal
• Five More Golden Things
• Four mocking nerds (4 talk show hosts)
• Three years draining the swamp
• Too many more things to list
• and he’s putting first our country!

“You know, this song may never end if we try to fit the many amazing accomplishments of President Trump in the last 3 years that have, frankly gone, unreported by the news media on the LEFT… and we understand that, well, folk’s attention spans are shorter than ever these days… so we…. are going to end the song now… well, after we list just a few more of the Trump Administrations’s Accomplishments that have truly made the United States of America, great, again!”

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