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Eight questions about FLIGHT TRAINING!

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
18 Aug 2019

This video will answer your EIGHT most commonly asked questions about Integrated flight training. I had the pleasure of visiting AFTA flight Academy in Cork and talk to their Head Of Training, Mark Casey about these questions and here comes the result.

Use the Timestamps below for the individual questions:
1: How should you prepare? 1:05
2: What should you expect from the assessment 2:18
3: How much does it all cost? 6:46
4: How does it work with accommodation, during the course? 10:48
5: Can you apply from ANY country in the world? 11:48
6: Are you ever too old to apply? 13:49
7: Will the weather, during your training, have any impact on how long the course lasts? 16:30
8: How does AFTA structure its training course? 20:13

If you have more questions, ,or want to discuss flight training with me, actual students or other pilots, then join my Forums in the Mentour Aviation app. Use the FREE link below to download the app!

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