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Donald Trump's Approval Just Broke A Record High, Why Do Polls Say He Will Lose 2020?

Sandy Brown
Published on 16 Jul 2019 / In People & Blogs

Donald Trump's Approval Just Broke A Record High, Why Do Polls Say He Will Lose 2020? In the latest Washington Post ABC news poll Trump's approval rating breaks 47, the highest they have recorded. Among the RCP Average Trump's approval and favorability have broken a two year high.

The last time Trump was viewed so favorably was just after he was elected.

Yet even with a booming economy under Trump, praise for avoiding international incidents, and record low unemployment, polls still show Trump losing to Biden and even some far left Democrats.

The polls are wrong now and they were wrong in 2016. It will be near impossible to know or predict who will win, the populist right and Trump, the moderate Democrats like Joe Biden, or will it be the far left social justice candidates like Bernie Sanders or Gillibrand?

Polls be darned I say, lets look to Wall Street and Vegas. Both say Trump is on track for a 2020 victory while many economic forecasts say Trump will not only win but will Landslide.


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