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Documentary: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party PT. 7 | The Epoch Times

15 Jun 2020

Commentary 7: On the Chinese Communist Party's History of KillingThe history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is written with blood and lies. The stories behind this bloody history are both extremely tragic and rarely known. Under the rule of the CCP, 60 to 80 million innocent Chinese people have been killed, leaving their broken families behind. Many people wonder why the CCP kills. While the CCP continues its brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and recently suppressed protesting crowds in Hanyuan with gunshots, people wonder whether they will ever see the day when the CCP will learn to speak with words rather than guns.Mao Zedong summarized the purpose of the Cultural Revolution, “…after the chaos the world reaches peace, but in 7 or 8 years, the chaos needs to happen again.” [1] In other words, there should be a political revolution every 7 or 8 years and a crowd of people needs to be killed every 7 or 8 years.A supporting ideology and practical requirements lie behind the CCP’s slaughters.Commentary 1: On What the Communist Party Is▶️ 2: On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party▶️ 3: On the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party▶️ 4: On How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Anti-Universe Force▶️ 5: On the Collusion of Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Communist Party to Persecute Falun Gong▶️ 6: On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture▶️ real news other media outlets don't report. Nonpartisan and truthful reporting on US News. ⭕️ #Wuhan #CoronavirusSign the Petition to Investigate, Condemn, and Reject the Chinese Communist Party👉 OUR CHANNEL TODAY: 🔔 us on Facebook: MORE ON YOUTUBE🔵 [Exclusive investigative report] The first documentary movie on the origin of C.C.P. virus👉🔵 A Conscientious Declaration from China Disband the C.C.P. | The Epoch Times👉🔵 Spain: 70% Of China's Virus-Testing Kits Are Faulty | The Epoch Times👉 the latest updates as well as exclusive reporting and first-hand videos about the CCP virus from The Epoch Times website.▶️ TO THE EPOCH TIMESPrint subscription (delivery inside the U.S only):

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Chilliman 2 months ago

What about doing a video about all the people the US has killed?

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