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Dershowitz Drops Bomb To Start Off Week- Has 302 Docs As Proof!!! - Truth & Art TV

18 Feb 2020

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Patriot News Headlines and the latest updates on the Trump Tweets.
Recorded Monday Night 2-17-20

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Matt 2 months ago

boo an arm to start war against Americans,thats what all of our intelligence agencies seem to be planning on,fellow Americans are you fed up with the FBI,covering up crimes,wagering terrist attacks on Americans,CIA bringing in tons of drugs into our in city,but locking us up to full extent of the law,well I am,anyone want our dream back

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Matt 2 months ago

This might seen like fun and games,unless Trump moves in force against this element of commies in our government,if they ever return to power it will be another Ukraine Holocaust like the real one

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Boooo 2 months ago

I think there was an arm ot the military about to step in towards the end of the Obama administration when, ... they talked Trump into running. If Trump is blocked from getting it done, I'm not so sure they won't step in then.

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