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‘Depressing’ to see California ‘destroyed’ under progressive government

Published on 17 Dec 2020 / In News & Politics

American political commentator Dave Rubin says it is depressing to see California “destroyed” as authorities continue to impose tough restrictions and big government ruins the economy.

Discussing the current situation in California, Mr Rubin said “our governor, Gavin Newsom – he is the former mayor of San Francisco … he absolutely ruined San Francisco”.

“And how do you ruin these places? You increase taxes, you make the cost of living sky high,” he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“Thus homelessness starts increasing, drug use starts increasing and everything that big government policies do, and then what happens in the progressive world? Well you fail up.

“You go from being mayor of a city you destroyed – San Francisco – and you become governor of California.”

Mr Rubin spoke of current restrictions in the state, saying “we are technically not allowed to have other people that we don’t live with in our homes”.

“The weather is perfect and great and people want to be outside, we can’t have indoor dining and now we can’t even have outdoor dining,” he said.

“Watching such a spectacular place be destroyed is pretty depressing.”

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