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Democrats outraged at China ban are ‘completely ok’ with India ban under Joe Biden

Published on 03 May 2021 / In News & Politics

None of the people who were outraged at America’s travel ban on China at the beginning of the pandemic are protesting now it is “America under team blue” banning travel from India, says Sky News host Paul Murray.

The Biden administration announced it would begin a travel ban for any American returning from India, joining 20 other nations across the world.

“Remember those who did say the China ban was racist,” Mr Murray said.

“These are the people who now are completely ok with the American government banning travel.

“Does this surprise you that people who had a problem about China don’t have a problem about India.

“Are any of these people protesting when it is America under team blue making a decision to ban people returning from a specific country.”

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theTrayne 2 months ago

more DEMONcrat hypocracy.

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