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Democrat Schiff's Corruption WORSE Than We Thought, Republican Vows Legal Action But WONT Play

08 Dec 2019
Democrat Schiff's Corruption WORSE Than We Thought, Republican Vows Legal Action But WONT Play Dirty. Adam Schiff released private phone records for his Republican rival in the impeachment process Devin Nunes and a private US citizen and journalist John Solomon but worse now is that we are learning not only was his report wrong but that it may be completely fake.

Devin Nunes said the logs released don't match his phone records. The records were used to smear Solomon and Nunes of having been engaged in a conspiracy to help president Trump dig up dirt on his political rivals.

Nunes responded by threatening legal action against Adam Schiff for the serious breach.

Meanwhile Judge Napolitono argued that Adam Schiff could be facing an ethics investigation over his abuse of power.

Some Republicans demanded that Lindsey Graham respond in kind by subpoenaing Adam Schiff's records as well as other Democrats but Graham outright refused to play dirty.

Graham and Republicans took the high road here but if Democrats like Schiff are willing to break the rules and play dirty it means that Republicans have a huge disadvantage in the Trump impeachment process


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