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DEFENSETV.ORG, 148th Fighter Wing Celebrates 30 Years in F-16s #KnowYourMil

16 Mar 2020

GEORGE NEWS | This is our B-ROLL from Tuesday, March 10th 2020 as it marked the 30th Anniversary since the first F-16 landed at the 148th Fighter Wing in Duluth, Minn. In honor of this significant historical anniversary, Brig Gen Ray Klosowksi (ret) was invited to join the unit for the afternoon to watch F-16s takeoff. BG Klosowksi was the 148th Fighter Interceptor Group commander at the time, and the pilot who flew the first aircraft to Duluth, Minn. from Klamath Falls, Oregon. As a final tribute to this commander who started a proud heritage, the unit put his name on the side of an F-16 and unveiled it as he was leaving the flight line.Twitter:

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