Daniel Chapter 2 part 6 Final ... 1/15/2020 - The Growing Awareness

16 Jan 2020

Daniel Chapter 2 Playlist
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We were in prayer asking God what we should do. I am not fully capable of going back to work yet, but could do things like door greeter at walmart or something easy like that for now until I am fully recovered to be able to go back to construction work. We were asking if I should get a job, or should we continue to do this work full time.

There have been several times along the way that we have gotten way behind on bills and wondered if we would lose internet or get electric shut off and so forth and so on. Friends have suggested charging for the videos, but we just can not do that.

We feel that this work should cost no one anything to watch it. We trust our Father in heaven fully and our faith is solidly in Christ. So we asked what should we do to our Father. I applied at Walmart, and few small stores here in our town for simple work that would not require me moving around a lot so I can finish my recovery and get back to construction which is what I love to do.

We left it in Fathers hands trough prayer and told him he knows our situation fully. We leave it in your hands. Hire me on at one of the 7 places I applied, or else catch up our bills before things start getting shut down.

We were prepared to let everyone know I was going back to work temporarily somewhere and that the 40 - 60 hours a week in making videos, replying to emails, and answering comments would drop off to 5 to 10 hours a week as I went back to work.

However Father never has one of those business call me back. Not one. Not only that through donations he has caught us back up on bills and put us ahead by $78. So we give him the praise, but we want to thank each and every one of you for supporting the end time work that we are doing on this channel. May you all be credited for the work that is being done and not us. You guys deserve the full credit of the work as you guys are the ones that have enabled it to keep going through your amazing hearts. We thank you with all of our hearts for the love and the support and we hope this video is an extra special blessing to each and every person who watches it. May God be with every soul who views the video, and may Father open the eyes of every soul who has watched the whole series.

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