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CPAC: What Trump should say as our nation labors under the oppressions of a dictatorial Biden Admin.

Published on 28 Feb 2021 / In News & Politics

BREAKING: Former President Trump speaks at 2021 CPAC CONVENTION

This is by far the most critical (hopefully constructive) report of the former Trump Administration as I've ever produced here. Some of it may be simply my own frustration over the lack of preempting the steal - even after we warned the President of what needed to be done as early as March of 2020.

On top of this, I feel that the CPAC convention has been frankly quite deflating and for a variety of reasons. But if the President wants to run and win in 2024 (we hope he does!) there has to be some accounting and acceptance of gross mistakes in hiring his executive cabinet personnel. There must be humility - honest accountability.


There also must be assurances that in the future the President must never hire Washington elites (such as Chris Wray, Gina Haspel, Bill Barr etc.,) ever again. We were promised that if elected, President Trump would "drain the swamp". Yet over time we observed that the swamp was actually hired - SES shadow government bad actors became part of the Trump Administration. But how could the swamp ever drain or prosecute the swamp? Even now, Chris Wray and the corrupt DOJ are already investigating & seeking prosecution of President Trump, his family members and his companies.

Fact is the President only very rarely picked conservatives Christian folk who by far made up the majority of his base. Frankly, the elites Pope Francis controlled Supreme Court justices have bee a big league-HUGE disappointment. Come on man, let's be painfully honest. We must assess the enemy before we can defeat it. Away with idolatry of men. A heathy fear of the LORD is what is needed ro recover our once great land.

Keep in mind- these Deep State attack dogs President Trump hired. Why? The Trump base needs to know, Also, in his speech a careful strategy must be laid out going into the future.

Here's what InspoNews would like to hear in the President's speech at 3;30 PM EST today


1. Humble admission of mistakes made with assurances they will not be repeated.

2. Lay out a strategy l as to how we get back our free & fair elections that were stolen during a plandemic. Keeping in mind that this "steal" was accomplished under the President's watch. (It was Trump's DOJ and FBI which sat on their hands and allowed the radical Democrats to litigate and work the election laws to their advantage.

3. Lay out a plan for conservative states & their governors. attorney generals etc. to sue the daylights out of the Biden Administration in order to protect their job base, their borders, the safety and security of their citizens etc.

4. Stop putting up on platforms shallow & overly ambitious people as the future of the conservatives movement but true Christian nationalists - statemen and stateswomen with proven character and servant leadership. It's like corrupt Nepotism to do otherwise- wise peoples simply don't vote for last names. Especially when high pressure tactics were used to get their campaign money.

The fact remains, our great nation has been essentially taken over by COMMUNISTS. Their goal; was to steal our election process with mail in balloting and ballot harvesting and seize all political power in our once beautiful and free US Capitol. I am NOT sorry to repeat again - all this CRAP happened under the Trump Administration. Where is the Harry Truman who says "the buck stop here." Lets all pray the President doesn't just flip out more Steve Miller speech platitudes that have all grown so tired and old. Let's prayer for once, that its not the showman - salesman - but a humble and honest Abe or Harry .

It would be great to hear the 45th President finally admit he was wrong about something. The conservative base in this nation is weary of all the worn out one-liners. We need a REAL PLAN to take our Republic back from these putrid communists in Washington.

May God almighty help us to do so

Freddy Cardella

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