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Coup D'etat on Elm Street Introduction Part 1

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
07 Jun 2019

As I said in the introductory video to Great Awakening Question Mark, I will be doing two types of videos. One focusing on current events, and the other focusing on history. This one is in that latter category, and I am calling this series "A Coup D'etat on Elm Street." In this first part of the intro: 1.) I give a brief overview of the Deep State, what it is and its goals. 2.) Discuss Military Intelligence and their opposition to the Deep State, and why Donald J Trump was so integral to their plan 3.) Discuss the origins of The Plan.
Please feel freely to comment. I actually encourage commenting because I want to discuss these things. I believe that an intelligent discussion will greatly accelerate the Great Awakening. I don't mind foul language. We're all adults. I only ask that you treat each other and me with respect. Please feel freely to check out the Facebook page.

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