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Chinese Police Warn Residents Not to Spread Information about Coronavirus on Internet |#Coronaviru -

21 Feb 2020

#Coronaviru #Wuhan #Epochtimes

Location: Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Police: No individual is allowed to spread information on the internet about the contagion if the information has not been approved by the authorities.

Woman inside: Which agency are you referring to when you say “authorities”?

Police: Go check the public notices. You are not allowed to spread any information. If you continue to do so and cause certain social impact, legal action will be pursued. You must correct the mistakes you made previously.

Woman inside: How should I correct them?

Police: Announce on the internet that the information you publicized was not accurate and apologize for causing confusion. We have discussed your case with our supervisors, and what we are doing today is a reprimand. If you refuse to obey and refuse to apologize to the public, we will pursue legal action against you according to the law. Matters like this are handled this way all across the country. Do you understand now?

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