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Published on 20 Feb 2021 / In Music

⁣19 back be that Popcorn Day (The Armor of God)
But a missing S still Super
Bowling on this date (2/07/2021)
What a game of chess playin 3rd Rock from the son
Like a Sicilian Defense mean GameStops R fun
Motion Picture Castle Rock with a finite amount of moves
How many left is anyone guess
But alas,

Build a WALL
Cannot walk the STREET, no BULL
Expose Markets- let the sheep shed wool
Showing all the [D]ark - White House at night
Let Joey take the credit
Debts paid in full

No thanks to Robinhood
Stealing from the poor?
Lookin not so good
Winter White House cause The Plan so good
When you Rock'n with a Castle
King's bound 2-move(s)

We gonna Stop The 'Steel'
Joe's Chinese made so he's not so real
First things first,
Sheep getting a feel for a Prez with a head made out of wood

That kinda mental detrimental
Leave a bad "impression" like a visit to the dental
Trump will make corrections cause the dentist fundamental to fixing imperfections so the smiles sentimental

So have faith
We just sharpening our teeth

Before we makin em "straight".

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