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CHAZ 'block party' hits a little too close to home for Seattle Mayor: Paul Murray

01 Jul 2020

While Seattle’s Mayor previously compared the armed occupation of CHAZ to an extended “block party,” Sky News host Paul Murray says when protesters circled her home she was quick to criticise the mob for showing “no regard for her personal safety".

CHOP in Seattle – formally known as CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) – was originally an area encompassing six blocks, including a city police precinct, being occupied by Black Lives Matter protesters which is being heavily guarded by armed rioters.

The area inhabited by anti-racist protestors has now dropped down to three city blocks.

After a protest took place in front of her house, The Mayor Durkan reportedly slammed protesters and has been forced to keep her address confidential because of death threats mostly related to the Mayor’s work as Seattle’s U.S, Attorney under President Obama.

Mr Murray said “when it’s the city streets “it’s the Summer of love,” when it’s your house … it’s worth getting a bit of law and order back”.

“The Summer of love might be a little darker than she thinks,” he said.

Image: AP

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