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Chauvin Trial, Cuomo Fraud, Brittany Gosney Report, Ghislaine Maxwell, HR1 Act, Swalwell Sues Trump

Published on 06 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics

Last minute changes in the Derek Chauvin trial as jury selection starts Monday. Andrew Cuomo in more hot water as New York Times reveals he may have seriously underreported nursing home deaths to government counterparts. Police release report in Brittany Gosney murder. Ghislaine Maxwell case gets interesting as former Clinton aid flips. House of Representatives passes HR1 Act on election integrity reform. Eric Swalwell sues Trump, and more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and pollical news, including:

• Minnesota Court of Appeals issues last minute ruling in Derek Chauvin’s case.
• Prosecutor can re-add Third Degree Murder Charge against Derek Chauvin, even though this charge was previously dismissed for lacking probable cause.
• Chauvin can bring up other arguments at the District Court level as to why the charge should not be added.
• Review of the Chauvin / Floyd court docket and a review of other motions submitted.
• New York Times reveals Cuomo Administration actively withheld data about nursing homes deaths for fear of political exposure.
• New York State Health Department finds death toll is 50% higher than Cuomo Administration’s figures.
• Review of New York Statutes for (1) Forgery in the Second Degree (2) Tampering with Public Records in the First Degree (3) Tampering with Public Records in the Second Degree
• Preble County Sheriff’s Office releases the probable cause statement in the Brittany Gosney case.
• Officer Andrew Blevins writes the report detailing the incident on February 27th, 2021 killing at the lake that left her son James Hutchinson dead.
• Gosney is saying that her boyfriend, James Hamilton, was the driving force behind her “getting rid of her kids.”
• Ghislaine Maxwell cases sees new activity as former Clinton aide Doug Band implicates the former president in the trafficking ring.
• Who is Doug Band?
• Doug Band says Bill Clinton travelled to Epstein’s island, despite his repeated denials of ever making a trip.
• H.R. 1 Act passed the House and heads to the Senate.
• Joe Biden expresses support, claiming we need this bill to safeguard the integrity of elections.
• What is inside the bill? A review and look inside.
• What can the Republicans do to stop the bill from passing? Anything?
• Eric Swalwell sues Donald Trump, Mo Brooks and Rudy Giuliani in an attempt to stay relevant.
• Review of the nine complaints, which include the infliction of emotional distress.
• Swalwell wants actual and punitive damages as well as an order requiring the defendants to provide written notice before holding future rallies.
• As always, your questions and live Locals.com chat after the news!

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