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Canadian Action Party leader Dr. Andrew Moulden discusses the North American Union 1/3

Published on 21 May 2019 / In Non-profits & Activism

This is a first look at the new leader of the Canadian Action Party Dr. Andrew Moulden.
Dr. Moulden is an Ontario Graduate scholar, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Research Counsel of Canada scholar, Ontario Mental Health Foundation scholar, I.O.D.E. International Order of the Daughters of the Empire scholar, and graduated at the very top of the class during his BA, MA, and PhD degrees. He has received over 27 awards for biomedical research, clinical, teaching, and academic excellence. His philosophy is Its not about being better than ones fellow man, its about helping ones fellow man become better.
We asked Dr. Moulden about his views on the North American Union and what Canadians can do to stop it. http://www.canadianactionparty.ca/

For more information visit http://pressfortruth.ca/

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