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Can the President Cancel The Election & What Would Happen? (LegalEagle’s Real Law Review)

Uneek Beebe
Uneek Beebe
31 May 2020

Could the President cancel the November election because of the pandemic? DO SOME GOOD WITH TAB FOR A CAUSE: Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen: Check out the Opening Arguments Podcast. It's great!

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Summary from CNN:

As states scramble to push back their primaries to comply with the federal guidelines aimed at social distancing to combat the coronavirus, whispers have begun that maybe, just maybe, President Donald Trump will use the pandemic to cancel the 2020 election entirely. This is flatly untrue. Here's why. Primaries are state-run contests. States are given wide leeway to set the dates and times of how voters get to choose the nominees for offices like state legislature, House, Senate and governor. While postponing a primary isn't easy -- there are massive logistical challenges to doing so -- it is, broadly speaking, up to state governments to make these calls. This is not a perfect process, of course. Ohio is a good example. Gov. Mike DeWine asked the state's Supreme Court on Monday to postpone Tuesday's primary election in Ohio until June. The court said no. So DeWine -- and the state's top election official -- ordered that polling places be closed. And so, the primary didn't happen. A general election is not up to the states. It is governed by federal statute. And this language in particular:


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