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BREAKING TRUMP NEWS:US to take out Iran-Obama Nuke Bomb Labs in Zagros Mountain Range-CIFIUS Treason

13 Jan 2020

BREAKING:President TRUMP will stop Obama-Iran era nuclear bomb threat that remains inside mountains of stone within the Elburz and Zagros mountain ranges of Iran. This noble President & Commander in Chief vows he will "take them out" if Iran does not submit to stringent and US verifiable inspections at once. Time is of the essence. And just what was the real motive behind Hillary, Kerry and the Obama Admin. push to aid & abet a natural foreign enemy- a radical Islamist regime that shouts "death to America."

The IRAN DEAL, URANIUM ONE, MUELLER PROBE, UNCONSTITUTIONAL SHAM IMPEACHMENT, CIFIUS deal show the full height and breadth of of the uncollected Alternative trans-nationalist gov. operating out of our DOJ, FBI and Intel communities.
This explains perennially how a crooked pat to play traitor like Hillary Clinton has not a speeding ticket while other patriots and journalists are in jail for doing nothing wrong. The fact that the Uranium ONE deal has now been swept under the rug by our corrupt DOJ is proof enough ...

But what is even more interesting (and sinister), is how the totally corrupt FBI & DOJ US Attorneys office decisions to have all but dropped all Uranium One & Clinton foundation investigations. These unjust decisions have essentially cleared Hillary Clinton, former members of the Obama Administration as well as CIFIUS (Jeff Sessions included) for their treasonous approval of the sale & transfer of some 20% of our rare earth yellow cake highly refined, fissionable Wyoming Uranium.This gave IRAN (along with the IRAN DEAL & funding) a clear a path to getting a nuclear weapon.

If you listen to Susan Rice & Obama they spin this the opposite way of course saying that President Trump is doing this aiding & abetting a foreign enemy. What an evil lie and massive PROJECTION of accusing Trump of what they do themselves. But the globalists and Democrat Socialists always operate this MO.

Since the Council on Foreign Investment in the United States approved it while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she is directly responsible for lobbying Obama for the sale approval and as widely known, profited from the laundered money in Canada that then block granted same to her CLINTON FOUNDATION as a "donation." Of course Hillary and her alliances have had years to obliterate all trails of evidence to their crimes.

But everyone must reap where they sow. Now the Iranians seek REVENGE against the USA whom they call the Great Satan and have some sort of strange arrogance about it. They have promised America a very shocking and surprising revenge at a time and place of their choosing. The question is, can this great President preempt their sinister race to refine Hillary-Obama-CIFIUS Wyoming uranium - and create the nuke "bullets" of 50-100 kiloton bombs which could very well wind up on a Davy Crockett rocket launchers concealed in one of their many tankers- right off our highly populated coasts possibly to nuclear blackmail Europe or America?

But the bottom line here is how on earth are great patriots who did NO WRONG, be viciously pursued by a pro-Hillary DOJ prosecutors who are vassals of an extremely corrupt DOJ & FBI, while the real traitors and thieves are living life large and on Barnes & Nobles book tours? How can criminals and liars and leakers like Andy McCabe, Comey, Hillary, Rice, Obama, Strzok etc. being walking around Scot free while innocent Christian conservative nationalist are being jailed. Its CRAZY & corrupt to think that General Mike Flynn, a devoted patriot and war hero, who the FBI now admits did not lie, could now be facing serious jail time the next 2 weeks over duplicitous partisan PROCESS CRIMES where Weissmann and other Hillary surrogates , literally try to frame this good family man and General - even trying to do the same to a duly ELECTED US President?
Has our DOJ gone mad? Oe simply involved in a MASSIVE OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE-COVER UP?
How can Mike Flynn be very possibly being going to jail when a corrupt Hillary Clinton (who provably destroyed evidence on subpoena) being laughing all the way to her banks?

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