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BREAKING.Carolina Trump Rally Highlights.Democrats have weaponized the Corona Virus to attack Trump.

29 Feb 2020

BREAKING: FEAR NOT! That was the underlying message under-girding President Trump's fabulous speech at the South Carolina Trump rally tonight. The Corona Virus is a legitimate national health concern but NOT as the left wing Democrats have exploited it. These people would do anything to get power in Washington. They have wickedly weaponized this bio contagion , this viral pathogen as a means to spread panic and fear and to attack a good President. President Donald Trump sets the record strait at another overflow Rally in South Carolina last night. What's more dangerous than the Corona virus or even a WW3 ? Fear. Fear is. Because fear paralyses. It immobilizes progress and always leads to declension. Even as FDR said at the start of WW2 -"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." So true - now even as it was then. The President had his own version of a "Fireside chat" with the American people tonight as well. Here are the highlights from the South Carolina Trump rally last night. His wise words and powerful delivery will galvanize and encourage even the faint hearted regarding the possible onset of a viral epidemic in our great country. Trump's message in a nutshell? FEAR NOT!The Lord commands it. Our President reaffirmed that.Finally, if we use common sense & diligently practice recommended hygienic precautions (see our last report on how you can be safe) and do not poo poo this Virus, we will defeat it long before the 2020 national elections. God is with us. He will do His part. By God's grace let us do ours.MAGA - KAG!Federico CardellaSUPPORT INSPONEWS:Patreon PayPal To MAIL a donation please make Check payable to: InspoNews # 183 2575 S HWY 1792Casselberry Fl. 32707InspoNews Office Tel: 1-407-961-9480Subscribe to our channel and don't forget to RING THE BELLGod's blessings & liberty to all.Federico CardellaInspoNews - Bold enough to report the raw TRUTH"TO RESIST TYRANNY IS TO OBEY GOD"fc

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