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Bloomberg Tic Toc Senior Resident Shows Support for Hong Kong Protests

Published on 14 Aug 2019 / In News & Politics

Meet 70-year-old KC Leung, a resident of Sham Shui Po, one of Hong Kong's poorest districts where #HongKongProtests took place.

Mr. Leung is among Hong Kong's lowest class. He sells recycled items. He says the Sham Shui Po protest has hit his business for the day, but still supports young demonstrators who he describes as smart and brave.

What began as a largely leaderless effort to block legislation allowing extraditions to mainland China has expanded into a list of demands including investigations into police tactics and a direct vote to replace Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam. She has resisted calls to resign.

Signs had appeared that China was stepping up preparations to mobilize mainland forces to quell the weeks-long uprising in Hong Kong.

State-run media posted videos this week of the People’s Armed Police, a paramilitary force specializing in riot control, assembling across the border in Shenzhen. A Chinese official with the agency overseeing the city used “terrorism” to describe the protests, invoking a term used to justify sending in forces to repress minority Muslims in the far west region of Xinjiang.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump told reporters in New Jersey: “It’s a very tricky situation. I think it’ll work out and I hope it works out for liberty. I hope it works out for everybody, including China.”

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