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Bill Cooper: HOTT #122 How to Build a Flying Saucer (22-Jun-93)

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
01 Aug 2019

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All credit to 'Bill Cooper'
he UFO phenomenon is a perversity in the annals of revolutionary engineering. On the one hand, public authorities deny the existence of flying saucers and prove their existence to be impossible. This is just as we should expect from established experts. But on the other hand, people who believe that flying saucers exist have produced findings that only tend to prove that UFOs are technologically infeasible by any known combination of materials and locomotion.

There is reason to suspect that the people who believe in the existence of UFOs do not want to discover the technology because it is not in the true believer's self interest that a flying saucer be within the capability of human engineering. The true believer wants to believe that UFO's are of extraterrestrial origin because he is seeking some kind of relief from debt and taxes by an alliance with superhuman powers.

If anyone with mechanical ability really wanted to know how a saucer flies, he would study the testimonies to learn the flight characteristics of this craft, and then ask, "How can we do this saucer thing?" This is probably what Werner Von Braun said when he decided that it was in his self-interest to launch man into space: "How can we get this bird off the ground, and keep it off?"

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