BIGGEST Secret in Plain Sight - WHO ARE WE? What is the Meaning of LIFE?

13 Jan 2020

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Links to the first 4 videos in "The BIGGEST SECRETS in Plain Sight" series:
1. The BIGGEST SECRET Hidden in Plain SIGHT - The ROCKS were ALIVE

2. Another HUGE SECRET Hidden in Plain SIGHT - Giant TREES - "Tree of Life" in the GARDEN

3. Biggest SECRET - The REAL Peace TREATY - Humans v. Nephilim - Rh Neg Bloodlines

4. BIG SECRET Hidden in Plain Sight - Clones / Immortals / Reincarnation / Genetic engineering?


DO YOU WANT TO GET SAVED? Here is a link to a prayer and intro on my website if you need help:

2 more LINKS to the REST OF THE STORY... Hidden knowledge that is now revealed in the GREAT AWAKENING:

5 SHOCKING things you never knew were IN THE BIBLE

Earth Changes - global Cataclysm: Noah's Flood... Then and NOW video:


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