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Best High Speed Flyovers 3

Published on 06 Dec 2019 / In Travel & Events

To think we haven’t come a long way in over a century of aviation would be a horrible claim. Enjoy 8 minutes of how mankind has absolutely mastered the laws of aviation and defying physics with these birds. From the world war era to the future of aircraft, these machines would absolutely make the Wright brothers cry tears of joy or make you want to shove a middle finger up any other animal’s ass to assert humanity’s dominance over all lifeforms on earth. Hundreds to thousands of horsepower in these engines definitely emphasize that we are “here for a good time, not a long time” but also knowing the possibility that one of these future machines have the power to hold atomic weapons that could easily end life on earth. But who the hell cares? For 8 whole minutes let’s pretend the FAA does not exist and watch these beautiful birds split the sky open. Part 3 of Best High Speed Flyovers is here, almost 2.5x longer than the previous 2. To all aviation geeks or just people binge-watching on YouTube, this one’s for you.

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