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Becoming Equal Under the Law - Full Video

24 Feb 2020

"What Dred Scott did was to say, yes, they said all men are created equal, but they didn't mean it."

Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence gave us a lofty ideal: all men are created equal.

But the Framers immediately fell short of that ideal and compromised on slavery during the creation of the Constitution.

Other groups were left out as well.

It would take a Civil War, numerous amendments, and even more Supreme Court cases to move us toward equality.

Explore the changes that were needed to bring us more in line with the Declaration's ideal and make all people equal under the law.

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Subject Areas:
■ U.S. History / Government & Civics

■ Black History
■ Civil Rights
■ Civil War
■ Equality
■ Suffrage
■ Supreme Court Cases
■ U.S. Constitution

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