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ballomni JFKjr has been Very Busy! Obama Spying is Coming out! 20190726

26 Jul 2019
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Key: Q posts

Senior Executive Service is the keystone

NSA=MI=Keystone for the Q

Drop 128

Drop 133


is a specific date numbers

Control of the workers, industry

Q Team SES has taken on these KEYSTONE members, the ENERGY is the Real Money,

OIL is the Worlds Energy, at the Moment.

12/05/2018 arlington closed

Q posts
128 11/09/2017
133 11/11/2017
140 11/11/2017
251 12/04/2017
262 12/04/2017
270 12/05/2017
271 12/05/2017
2633 12/20/2018

How Microwaves work:

God Bless our President TRUMP and the Men and Women Serving in the Military! In Jesus Name Amen.
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