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Bald Eagle spotted on Farmland in Tennessee

30 Nov 2019

Video is not great, but it was an amazing moment. First time I have ever seen an eagle flying free and not in captivity. I was driving beside a back field of some farmland in the country, when I noticed a huge eagle in the field beside me flying along with my car. I couldn't believe it. I had my phone on a mount on the dash and slowed down to turn my camera on. As I slowed down, it flew in front of my car and landed up in a tree. I stopped my car in the middle of the road and turned my flashers on in case someone happened by. And I took some pics and this video hoping it would take off again. Instead it just sat their, all stately looking, staring back at me and watching over the field. I instantly teared up at seeing it, huge, so BEAUTIFUL. I was so choked up that it took me over half an hour to get my composure. I will never forget it. Amazing! <3

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