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Attending Trump's Historical Topeka Rally

Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels
17 Nov 2019

Despite the fabulous response to President Trump and the obvious overwhelming support for him and those candidates he endorses; the election of Kris Kobach to the position of Kansas Governor was thwarted by election machines that are more than capable of switching votes so that the votes cast for Kris Kobach were not the counted for Kris Kobach. We must outlaw computer voting of all kinds because as we know all computers can be hacked and with the power of government in the balance we can assume that all races that so obviously are decided for the minority opinion of the people in the districts being polled are rigged. Solution: Outlaw computers in every phase of elections. Require all voters to cast their votes in person with government issued photo IDs at their polling place. Require each major Party to continue to elect precinct committee poll workers to count their precinct's paper ballot at the close of the Election then have the paper ballots transported with at least one elected precinct committee person to the county's Election office. The only exceptions would be for people with provable absences to be sent their absentee ballots a minimum of 30 days in advance of the election.

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