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Are WE living in a SIMULATION? Is this REALITY a SimCity or Matrix?

13 Jan 2020

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The Rise of Simulation Hypothesis: Mainstream scientists, physicists, technologists now agree that our world might be a "CREATION" of Intelligent Design. Guess the primitive and passe theory of evolution is finally being seen in Light of Truth, as science finally catches up with the Bible.

Humans are the original A.I. "created" beings

5 Shocking things in Bible - Time slips

SOPHIA the A.I. speaks on OUR FUTURE, Time Travel, Mark of Beast RFID wifi NEURAL IMPLANTS

SOPHIA the AI Singularity - Ex-Google Engineer calls AI "godhead" and founds RELIGION

AI singularity Transhumanism

Glitch in the Matrix Mandella Effect:

Pharmekeia video:

Videos on Brain and Brain waves:

Credit clips, link to full video The Rise Of The Simulation Theory by TheFuelProject

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