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ARCHITECTS of ORDER - Witchcraft, Freemasons, Paganism, Illuminati, Moloch (NepNieuws Doc 3-2019)

16 Jan 2020

ARCHITECTS of ORDER - Freemasons, Illuminati, NWO, Deep State, Occult.

ARCHITECTS of ORDER - New World Order, Occult, illuminati, Satanic, Freemason.

PART 3 Speakers:

Sheila Zilinsky.
David Wilcock.
Dr. Kent Hovind.
Mike Mandel.
Ian Taylor,Author.
Ron Carlson, Cult expert.
David Widow, Former 32nd Degree MASON.

Secret societies like the freemasons and the illuminati are all connected
to eachother and are working together to create a new world order.
1 world currency, 1 world religion and 1 world government.
Freemasons made symbols on our bank notes and on our public buildings containing hidden messages.
all these secrets are now slowly being revealed.

The best way to keep in plain sight!

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Nederlands gesproken docu's:

Patroon van tirannie.

Protocollen van de wijzen van Zion.

40 jaar Nederlandse verkiezingen uitslagen.

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Other sources:
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