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Anthony Sutton: Elites funding and assisting the former USSR

16 Mar 2020

This is and excellent interview with expert researcher and writer Anthony Sutton. Sutton has done excellent work on how the US business and financial elite helped to fund and arm the soviets by providing capital and building large manufacturing plants throughout the former Soviet Union. The Ford Motorcar Company was one such corporation to help build the largest "car" factory in the world.

US elites in the US government (white house and state dept) who also have substantial ties to the business and financial world are some of the major players involved with allowing the Soviet Union to grow and to survive for most of the 20th century. While the USSR may have collapsed, the world that they are responsible for building still exists. China became communist because of the assistance and backing of these same American elites, and the Soviet government was greatly involved with the early development of the Chinese Communists revolution. Soviets also supported North Korea and helped arm and fund them in a bloody war causing over 30k american deaths and over 4 Million total deaths.

They also funded and armed North Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Central America, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and a host of other countries, all of which we have lost many BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER dollars fighting so-called "operations" or "conflicts" some lasting many decades at this point.

It is purely evident that the machinery of the country was completely monopolized by powerful business interests over a 100 years ago at the minimum--if not from the very start. They seek further power and control, thus the interest in a communist style system. It is no longer about "money" for them.

They utilize ideologically dedicated extremists to carry out their plan and to infiltrate and subvert the machinery of government, the educational/university system, and the major Foundations and Institutions that help develop and implement policy that becomes the very culture we live by. They also took over hollywood and the media, spewing their garbage propaganda into the minds of Americans for decades and decades. They now own the major social media platforms in terms of the "acceptable" type of speech that will be allowed and what will get you banned for life.

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