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Anonymous. 'The Disappearance of JFK JR' The BIG Story, MAY 16th 2019 #FoxNation

14 May 2019 | | | MAY 16th, 2019 on FOX NATION:
'The Disappearance of JFK JR' The BIG Story.
On May 16th FOX NATION, a subscription based news magazine is running a story on Junior. Titled, The BIG Story, The Disappearance of JFK JR. Let us tell you right now. THERE WILL BE NO big revelation of the sorts. Yes, WE know as do you do, that what happened in 1999 was the beginning of The Plan. FOX NATION are using our hunger for truth to get paid monthly subscriptions for that service they provide. It will be interesting to see what 'new' story they give us. But know that the timing is not now. And timing IS everything. Did we mention you can also find us at http://JFKJR.LIVE?

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