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22 Oct 2019
Some of us already know @ copyright laws. Just to be clear, the term “public domain” refers to creative materials that are uploaded onto a public platform, and are not protected by intellectual property laws such as copyright, trademark, or patent laws. The public owns these works, not an individual, author, artist or platform. Anyone can use public domain material contributed, without obtaining permission, but can never own it. The creative works was a "dedication" and placed in a public domain, when an owner of a song puts their music video on a public site, that is known as “dedication". The "public" owns it. Not youtube, not the contributer. The public owns it. A copyright holder cannot both retain non-free copyright elsewhere over their content, and then post it in a public domain and then claim a violation of copyright laws when the public uses it, even if it is posted elsewhere, under different terms. It does NOT follow to every domain the owner of the works uploads it to. The public has a right to use it without it violating any copyright laws. I am not claiming the song as mine, only the video and the contents of my upload. Please see link below for more information. You need "permission" to use a PHOTO. Not an uploaded song/ creative works you contributed then uploaded to a public domain.. Youtube cannot make up, alter, rewrite, or change the copyright laws of America to suit itself or to censor users on their platform to "strike" users with bogus violation claims. Anyone experiencing this from youtube contact me on messenger. Together we can form a united force and start addressing this action with action. The law is the law and youtube is held to it, as written, regardless of how they interpret the law.

(C)Copyrights 2019, Andrea DeGeorge. All rights reserved.

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