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Anarchists Smash Dem's Oregon HQ; Expert: Paris Accord Not a Good Solution; 100 Day Mask Mandat

Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In Film & Animation

NTD Evening News—01/21/2021
1. Biden: Must Wear Mask When Traveling
2. Biden White House Videos Get Poor Ratings
3. Antifa Marks Inauguration With Riots
4. A Closer Look at Biden Immigration EOs
5. Expert: Paris Accord Not a Good Solution
6. Transgender Surgery Mandate Blocked
7. Majority of Americans Distrust Media
8. Biden Defense Chief Pick: China’s Threat
9. Chinese Firms Ask NYSE to Review Delisting
10. FMR FCC Chair Warns of China Threat
11. Judge Rejects Parler’s Request
12. Online Harassment Strengthens in the US
13. President Donald J. Trump Highway in FL?
14. Tennessee Sees Growth in Migration
15. NYC Running of Out Vaccine, Pauses Shots
16. Bay Area Restaurants, Wineries Sue Newsom
17. Bart Decommissions Legacy Vehicles
18. WH: China’s Sanctions ‘Unproductive’
19. 1.6 Million Barred From Leaving Beijing
20. Chinese App Found to Spy on User Data
21. Hedge Fund Guru: Fed Has Broken the Market
22. Exoskeleton Lets You ‘Sit’ While Standing
23. UK Prime Minister Visits Flood-Hit Area
24 China’s Statements Are Inaccurate: UK
25. Twitter Exec Grilled on Double Standards
26. UK Will Not Grant EU Diplomats Full Status
27. EU Resolution to Halt Russian Gas Pipeline
28. Germany to Ban Mass Culling of Male Chicks
29. London Marathon Expecting 100,000 Runners
30. Skydivers Fly Airborne Down Famous Ski Run

#Biden #Antifa #BigMedia
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Anarchists Smash Dem's Oregon HQ; Expert: Paris Accord Not a Good Solution; 100 Day Mask Mandate

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