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Alive and Kicking - Tighter and Tighter - (Video Stereo Remix Cartoon - 1970) - HD

Dan Ban
Dan Ban
17 Nov 2019

Here's a really nice stereo remix
of mega 1970 hit -
"Tighter & Tighter" by Alive & Kicking
which was produced by music artist Tommy James.

I made a cool cartoon video out of it using
clips and efxs form the Archies in the 1960's.
I also added a great Bubblerock video Ad at the end
of Josie & The Pussycats with music of
Cornilieus Brothers & Sister Rose big 1974 hit
"Too Late To Turn Back Now"

I remasterd the video for your pleasure.

Come and check out my 800 classic Bubblerock music promos
I put together of retro music artists
from the 50's 60's and 70s
at my Youtube channel - danbanrock1

You'll love them !!!

Bubblerock ,

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