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Renaud Be
Published on 15 May 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣Did Trump sell us out to the Bio crooks of this world like Bill Gates and Dr Fauci, who should be in jail? If Trump does not clarify himself to say he is against forced vaccination, than I am off the Trump Train, and fake news can chew him alive, for all I care, as there have been some very questionable calls, like selling any weapons to the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. PS: If Trump is too dumb to know that Dr Fauci needs to go, and possibly be investigated, then Trump needs to go as well. Is the US Constitution even respected anymore by Trump, to impose toxic vaccines, for a virus less dangerous than the regular seasonal flu. Already, Trump tolerates illegal unconstitutional economic terrorism, stay at home shutdown from cities and states, done by tyrannical governors and mayors abusing the American population, while at the same time the President is not defending Free Speech, other than his own on the Internet; and now he wants this forced vaccination enforced by the military. And to be honest, it's a bit over-killed of accusing solely China with this artificially modified virus in a laboratory, when the research started in America and was moved to China, when it became illegal for Bill Gates and his bio crooks, to do it in the US under Obama. Trump is also very much in favor of pushing the toxic 5G microwave radiation technology, which nobody wants, as it weakens the immune system and makes you more susceptible to any virus, while increasing cancer risks. Remember Trump's very first trip as President, as he went straight to the money, in Saudi Arabia, where even his daughter Ivanka got a 100 million dollar blood money Saudi donation, in a not much different way than how crooked Hillary Clinton got her millions for her Clinton foundation financial racket, where she kept most of it; And I'm sure the Trumps family investments, also profit greatly from the massive weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, while his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who really did own the 666 (Mark Of The Beast) 5th avenue building, in New York, makes deals with 9/11 Saudi terrorist funders, and even supply them with more weapons. Have we all been played, left and right from the very beginning? I used to defend Trump against Democrat corruption and their Fake News activists, but this toxic vaccination pushing, is the one drop to many I can't excuse or simply ignore, as it is in my view the biggest scandal in American and even world history, the "Coronagate", where constitutional rights no longer matter, and where forced mass vaccination is even suggested. If anything, the President should impose by force if necessary, the respect of constitutional and basic human rights of the population to go back to work to feed their families, without any restraints or harassment from corrupt governors or mayors, who should be arrested, if they refuse to obey. Also, this whole fraudulent Coronavirus death count and vaccine pushing, should be criminally investigated by the Justice department, as well as the crimes of Bill Gates and Dr Fauci, mixed up also with the Aids epidemic. I find it suspicious that Democrats rigged again their own leadership race, to simply give it all away to the person with the least chance of winning any election, while pushing aside much better candidates like Tulsi Gabbard, like if the 2020 election was already rigged in favor of Trump, and this was just fake elections and pre-arranged theater play, where the game being played is division, when in reality, the truth is not extreme left or right, but somewhere in the middle, where most people are.



WikiLeaks Julian Assange exposing Saudi Arabia & Qatar financing islamic terrorists:

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Matt 1 year ago

Impeach Trump,article18,242 color of law,democrats heres your impeach,this is nuts people,time to rebel

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