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.9999 Fine Silver Trump 2020 Challenge Coin - Privately Minted in USA, Exclusive Offer For JRPA Fans

28 Feb 2020

2020 Donald Trump .9999 Fine Silver Challenge Coin - These 2020 Trump silver rounds are minted in the USA using .9999 pure silver. Get YOURS today at - Your purchase and investment* supports the continuing work of #JamesRedPillsAmerica, as well as the Trump Agenda (as you know, JRPA is a staunch supporter of POTUS Trump's agendas and policies).The obverse of these Trump rounds features the 45th President standing tall donning his signature look with the waving American flowing in the background. The words “TRUMP 2020” are shown prominently to his right, pointing towards his campaign for re-election in the year 2020.The reverse of these silver rounds features a beautiful artistic motif of a bald eagle with its wing spread wide in the center with two olive branches below. The words “E PLURIBUS UNUM” are minted in between the olive branches. This reverse is strikingly similar to that of the Silver Eagle but is unique in how it portrays the symbol of American Freedom. Donald Trump stormed the political scene in 2016 election, eventually becoming the 45th President of the United States. Having made his fame and fortune as a real estate and media tycoon, his bid for presidency was initially viewed as a distraction but quickly grew legs beyond all expectations. Many are drawn to his brash, "say it like it is" mentality that is a contrast to language used in the modern political theatre. He is known for his unabashed "American First" approach with international allies and opposition, and has been extremely vocal throughout his presidency in the face of criticism. Perhaps the most impactful slogan coined by Trump is the "Fake News" retort he deployed to challenge the validity of established media outlets that he feels unfairly attack him. This phrase is reflective of the opinion that many of his followers have been expressing in a variety of ways for years, and the subsequent backlash has widened the gap in mainstream media trust by the modern American public. Secure your piece of US Election history at the lowest premium over the current silver market price before they're gone!*I am not a Financial Adviser. I can not - and I do not - offer financial advice. Consult your Financial Adviser for any Financial Advice.

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