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432Hz + 528hz + 639Hz | Powerful Miracle Tones Music | Enhance Positive Energy

11 Mar 2020

A powerful combination of 3 Miracle tones
432Hz - Deeply Calming And Healing Tone
528Hz - Miracle Tone for Raising Positive Energy And Bringing Lasting Positive Transformation
639Hz - Frequency of Love, Compassion and Positive Energy.

We have tried to combine all the 3 frequencies musically and hope that you will like this. The track starts with 432Hz and moves to 528Hz then comes back to 432 Hz and goes to 639Hz, and oscillates between these frequencies. You can also use this along with your meditation - especially chakra meditation for Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart Chakra. Hope this will help you.

~ Infinite Love and Gratitude ~

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